Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine For Acute & Chronic Conditions

Welcome to the health care practice of Amy Guinther, Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Functional Medicine practitioner serving the Madison area. Please take a moment to browse my site for information about myself, services provided and testimonials from clients.

Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Oriental medicine is a highly sophisticated, comprehensive health care system that has been used for thousands of years to diagnose, treat and prevent disease.

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Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is personalized health care that treats the person rather than the disease. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine are used to identify

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Women’s Health & Infertility

At Madison Acupuncture & Complementary Medicine, Amy Guinther is dedicated to treating all conditions that affect reproductive health in her male and females patients.

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My mission is to help clients regain wellness using the time tested techniques of Oriental Medicine, combined with nutritional supplements, lifestyle changes and functional medicine testing when a deeper look is necessary. Although symptoms are always addressed, the goal is to correct the underlying source of your problems.

Please view the short video below describing “What Is Acupuncture”?

Is Acupuncture Right For You?

You may benefit from acupuncture, herbs, nutritional supplements and lifestyle coaching if any of the following apply to you.
  • Are you suffering from acute or chronic pain, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica, neck or back pain?
  • Are you a female struggling with infertility or repeated miscarriages?
  • Do you have tension or migraine headaches that are not well managed?
  • Are you suffering from gynecological problems, such as painful periods, lack of periods, PCOS, irregular periods, endometrio sis or fibroids? Do suffer from symptoms of menopause?
  • Do you have poor digestion, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or food sensitivities?
  • Are you chronically fatigued?
  • Has stress taken over your life and your body? Do you struggle with anxiety?
“I received acupuncture from Amy for chronic headaches, which were accompanied by nausea. Over the past two years, I would wake with severe headaches that would occur 2-3x week. This made it difficult for me to attend school, concentrate on homework and keep up with classes. I felt relief from my headaches immediately after beginning acupuncture and am now 100% better.”
- Anonymous
Amy is amazing. She takes ample time to talk about my health needs and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to treat me. Her genuine care for the patient and her personable skills are what keep me coming back. I had suffered from migraines for many years, but I no longer have them!
“I went to see Amy for PMS and low mood. She was empathetic, caring and patient in helping me to find the protocol that worked best for me. With the right supplements and acupuncture, my symptoms improved dramatically in only a few months of treatment. Amy is intelligent, well-informed, patient and caring. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a natural and holistic treatment option.”
- C.W.
“I wanted to share our good news. Our son was born and he’s a healthy and happy little guy. I wanted to say thank you for all of your support through the IVF process. I really feel like acupuncture helped me significantly. I felt more relaxed and open after acupuncture than during any of my previous rounds of infertility treatments. I am so appreciative of your expertise and care. Thanks again.”
- Christine N., Madison WI

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