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Optimizing Reproductive Health

Functional Fertility: Optimizing Reproductive Health Naturally

Recent statistics show that 1 in 6 couples of childbearing age are experiencing infertility issues. Statically, female factor accounts for 1/3, male factor accounts for 1/3 and both male and female account for 1/3 of couples struggling. We are offering a new service to help people in the area as well as those outside of Madison who are struggling with reproductive issues. After treating hundreds of people in our clinic, we have identified certain functional medicine tests that uncover hidden health issues affecting one’s fertility.

Imbalanced hormones most often result from other systems functioning improperly. We recommend four tests to evaluate important areas affecting reproductive health. Sometimes additional testing is required. These tests allow us to identify:

  • Chronic stress and adrenal imbalances
  • Specific hormone imbalances
  • Pituitary-ovarian miscommunication
  • Liver detoxification challenges
  • Systemic inflammation due to allergies
  • Sensitivities or gastrointestinal assaults

Our goal is to support your reproductive health so you can become pregnant naturally or with western assisted reproductive techniques. Additionally, improving the mother-to-be health promotes healthy and viable pregnancies.

Some tests that may help to determine the cause of your fertility challenges include the following:

  • Expanded Female Hormone Panel or Expanded Male Hormone Panel
  • Adrenal Stress Index
  • Gastrointestinal microbial/parasite/fungal panel
  • Gluten sensitivity genetic test

Usually, starting with a clear picture of your hormone health using the Female or Male Hormone panel is sufficient, however in some complicated cases further testing is required.

For others, acupuncture treatment, combined with herbs, nutritional supplementation and lifestyle changes is all that is required.

Let us know if we can help you overcome your fertility challenges.

Natural Solutions to Optimize Health

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Natural Remedies

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10 Essential Tips to Boost Fertility

10 Essential Tips to Boost Fertility

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