Customized Weight Loss Programs: How Genetics Affect Weight

Weight Loss Programs and Problems

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When it comes to weight loss many factors come into play. We all know that diet and exercise are two important factors, but they are not the only ones. When it comes to weight loss resistance, i.e. the inability to drop weight despite your best efforts, many things need to be considered. Some of these may include food sensitivities, thyroid dysfunction, adrenal dysfunction, dysglycemia (poor sugar handling) to name a few. I like to think of these as road blocks. But wait… thanks to science and advances in genetic mapping, we now can obtain a ROAD MAP for weight loss. Keep reading…

New Technology That Is A Weight Loss Game Changer

We know there is not one perfect diet and exercise program that suits all. What works for your best friend may not to be effective for you. Fortunately, thanks to advances in genetic testing we can now map out programs that match your genetic tendencies. This is an exciting development that truly customizes dietary and exercise programs for people. This test uses full sequence DNA analysis, versus the common SNP analysis, which is notoriously inaccurate, to look at five loci on four genes shown in the scientific literature to encode for fat absorption, response to exercise, insulin resistance, obesity, regulation of glucose and fat cell differentiation. What this means is we can tell how your body responds to fat absorption and retention, what nutrients support your body and what exercise programs are best for your generic make-up. ISN’T THAT COOL?! Now, keep in mind this is the “road map”, and you may still have “road blocks” as discussed above, but this is the first place to start with weight loss to ensure you are eating and exercising appropriately for your body type.

Nuts and Bolts: How Do I Get This Done?

I am just starting to roll this test out. As always, with my functional medicine testing, I do not mark up tests except to cover credit card fees. I only charge for my consultation time and the cost of supplements recommended. I want you to obtain any information that will improve your health with minimal obstacles, including cost. The professional fee for this test is $325, it retails for $479. Your cost from me is $325. If this interests you, please give me a call to set up a functional medicine consult at 608-467-9711 or visit my website at to schedule online.

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